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If you have questions about a class, would like to book a speaking event, or just want to talk about organic locally grown goodness you can reach us by e-mail: or you can call Bianca directly at 805.701.9858


5 Responses to Contact

  1. Shiva says:

    Hi Bianca

    Love your recipes…. thank you for sharing your light with the world. ~ love Shiva

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi Bianca, I really learned a lot from your blog and videos… I was wondering when is your next class since I can’t attend the class on October 27th. Thanks! Namaste! Patricia

    • Hi Patricia my next class is going to be on the 17th! just updated my classes section on the site. Thanks for your post!

      • Patricia M. says:

        Great! I will attend that class! Thanks! I am coming from LA. Do you know a good, safe and not too expensive hotel in the area? I am coming from the Valley and would like to stay the weekend there… To talke some repite… If you know, that is…   Patricia


  3. Karen says:

    I just saw the notice of your cooking class at Lassen’s market. Unfortunately it is already passed. Please put me on your list to notify me of future cooking classes. Thank you

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