If you would like to purchase a copy of Compassionate Eating for 14.95 please click button below. This beautifully illustrated book offers easy to understand concepts about our delicate food systems, and ways we can make a difference with our choices. The book features four sections…


1. The Environment: focuses
on some of the problems with modern industrialized agriculture, the dangers of pesticide use and its effects on our precious resources such as clean water and healthy soils. It also brings attention to our throw away eating habits and the importance of being more mindful of how much garbage we create.

2. The Animals: This section asks readers to open their hearts to the unnecessary suffering of animals in the food production system. By shedding light on the inhumane and extremely cruel practices going on behind the closed doors of CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations aka factory farms), Bianca hopes to re-connect people to their empathy for the suffering of other living beings. The disease potential is also highlighted in this section as well as the connection between water and food contamination from the mass production of animals for meat.

3. Our Bodies & Beyond:
raises awareness of how our
food choices not only affect our environment and the lives of animals but our own health and wellbeing. By encouraging people to eat more compassionately this section offers readers ways to protect themselves from cancer and other diseases by using food as medicine. Also highlighted are tips on ways to green eating habits beyond what is on the plate.

Recipes & Resources:  Compassionate  4. Recipe Section features delicious, easy to make plant-based meals that offer meat and dairy free alternatives to traditional favorites like pizza and lasagna along with some diverse ethnic inspired dishes. You will also find encouraging tips for going vegetarian or vegan, however these lifestyles are not presented as the only alternatives for eating more compassionately. A list of websites, books, documentaries and organizations are also included.

4 Responses to Products

  1. Kendra Gonzales says:

    The best book ever!

  2. Annie says:

    Thank you for writing this book!

  3. laura brooks says:

    Bought this book at Mary’s Secret Garden in Ventura, want to post value of reading this on facebook. Also give as Holiday gifts . Any bulk purchase prices?
    Very poignant for the voice of animalslast and their treatment.

    Thanks..Laura Brooks (santa paula))

    • Thank-you so much Laura, so good to hear positive feedback. Yes please share if you wish, I have FB fan page that I am looking to grow. And yes I can do bulk orders at a discount if you get it from me directly. Call me or e-mail me if interested 🙂 805-340-8137

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