Bianca_veggiesBianca Martinez is an artist, chef, author and public speaker. She graduated from CSU Chico with a bachelors in Communication and a theme in Environmental Studies. She is dedicated to raising awareness about the issues affecting our planet and offers solutions through conscious consumption and eating compassionately.

Bianca has been studying food medicine and nutrition for over 10 years . She is an experienced food preparer and has given live demos, catered events, worked as a personal chef and and teaches vegan cooking classes in Ventura every month. She lives on an organic farm in Ojai, California and enjoys growing food and preparing meals for the community that lives on the 7 acre property.

In addition to cooking, she offers unique Compassionate Eating and Food Medicine presentations using hand painted artwork and empowering messages. Since 2009 she has been helping people re-connect with the web of life by understanding the deep impact our lifestyle choices have on the Earth. She has given speeches at local colleges, festivals and countless other community events. Bianca believes that by incorporating more plant based, organic foods into our diets  we can not only take charge of our own health, but help shape a greener future for generations to come.

Bianca is the author and illustrator of the book Compassionate Eating: Conscious Consumption for Mind, Body, Spirit & Planet. She also writes a column for Your Health Connection Magazine, The Ventura Breeze and organizes community events as the organizer of the Ventura County Vegans. She is also a skilled graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. And specializes in marketing and promotional materials for local businesses and ethical causes.

“I believe in working towards a world free from hunger, disease, pollution and suffering. Living with respect towards the web of life is key to unlocking our lost connection to the Earth and ourselves.”

-Bianca Rose Martinez


2 Responses to About

  1. It was a pleasure to meet Bianca as she hosted a local Vegan potluck in our community. The food was delicious and there was plenty of variety. I met many interesting and wonderful people.

  2. My friends and I had an opportunity to watch Bianca prepare vegan quiche recipes and sample them (yumm) at Ventura’s Spice-A-Topia recently. Its always such a pleasure to be in Bianca’s company and learn first hand how we can avoid using animal products in our foods. I always enjoy meeting the people who are drawn to vegan events – always a pleasure and a new meaning of the phrase
    “comfort food.”

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